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Swordfish Scissors - Primitive Black
#KD-SFB Swordfish Scissors - Primitive Black

How cute are these...and these fish don't even stink!   Tiny 3 1/2" primitive black embroidery scissors in the shape of a swordfish. Everyone needs a pair of fish scissors in their collection!

Cotton Bolls
#80106 Cotton Bolls

Bag of 15 cotton bolls...perfect to tuck into an old trencher bowl or ironstone dish. 

Cotton Stalk
#97130 Cotton Stalk

A 24 - 30" stalk of cotton bolls.   The cotton plant is just a truly amazing work of nature...the beginning of a fiber that we've all grown to love and wear!  Tuck into an old vase or pitcher for a wonderfully prim accent.  Two stalks are shown in the pitcher in the above photo.

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Black Oxide Scissors
#TT00516 Black Oxide Scissors

3 3/4" Victorian styled scissors from Italy.  Stainless steel blades with a lifetime guarantee.

Chanticleer Scissors
#TT00093 Chanticleer Scissors

Chanticleer, a rooster was often called this in fairy tales, scissors!  Tiny 4" fine Italian stainless steel scissors.  Perfect size for small needlework projects!

Gold Round Handle Scissors
#48555 Gold Round Handle Scissors

4" elegant European styled scissors.  High quality, stainless steel blades...perfect for cross stitch, embroidery, sewing & quilting.

Rabbit Scissors
#TT00516 Rabbit Scissors

3 3/4" Stainless European needle work scissors with gold handles.

Silver Round Handle Scissors
#48554 Silver Round Handle Scissors

4" heirloom embroidery scissors with high quality, stainless steel blades.  Elegant European styling...perfect for cross stitch, embroidery, sewing & quilting.

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Devon Scissors
#KD-DS Devon Scissors

3" scissors with a wonderfully primitive finish.

Heart in Hand Needle Minder
#KD-HIH Heart in Hand Needle Minder

Keep your needle safe & secure with this new needle minder!

Pumpkin Crow Needle Minder
#KD-PC Pumpkin Crow Needle Minder

Keep you needles safe and secure with this sweet Autumn-themed needle minder! 

Mini-Hex Buttons
#KD-MH Mini-Hex Buttons

Package of 70 mini 1/2" hexagon shaped mother of pearl buttons.  Perfect for use on sewing rolls and pinkeeps!

Bohin Mini Scissors
#BHN-24313 Bohin Mini Scissors

Superb quality scissor...perfect for cross stitch!  These scissors are just 2 1/4" long and are very sharp.  Perfect size for tying a piece of vintage seam tape ribbon on the handle and wearing around ones neck while you stitch.

Bohin 24 Tapestry Needle
#BHN-00836 Bohin 24 Tapestry Needle

Imported from France, the Bohin needles are top quality.  Sizes 24 and 26 (with the 24 being bigger) are the most common sizes used for cross stitch.  It's always good to have both sizes on hand, depending on the count of linen being used.

Bohin 26  Tapestry Needle
#BHN_00838 Bohin 26 Tapestry Needle

Imported from France, a top quality needle for your cross stitch needs.  All cross stitchers should have a package of the size 24 and 26 on hand.  These nickel plated needles slide through the linen like a warm knife through butter...lovely to work with!

Sunflower Needle Minder
#NM-S Sunflower Needle Minder

NEW design from Kelmscott, featuring the sunflower!  Keep your needle safe with this little sewing aid.  Makes great gifts, too!

Witch's Boot Scissors
#KD-WB Witch's Boot Scissors
Darling, best describes these 3 3/4" black steel witches boot scissors!  Fun little seasonal scissor to enjoy yourself or for gift-giving!
Mother of Pearl Purse Frames
#KD-MOPPF Mother of Pearl Purse Frames

The Kelmscott purse frames as featured on the "Stitcher's Purse" pattern.  Due to the fact that these are made from a natural product, frames do vary slightly.  Sold as a pair.

Owl Scissors
#KD-OS Owl Scissors

Just shy of 4" are these sweet little owl scissors.  From Kelmscott Designs.

Steweb Scissors
#KD-SS Steweb Scissors

3 1/2" spooky little scissors...look at those spider-webbed handles!  From Kelmscott Designs.

Daisy Scissors
#KD-DS Daisy Scissors

NEW design from Kelmscott!  Sweet little 3 1/2" daisy-handled scissors in that flat primitive black finish we all love.

Acorns & Oaks Needle Minder
#KD-AAO Acorns & Oaks Needle Minder

Great little sewing aid...keeps your needles from getting lost!  Great autumn-time gift for your sewing friends!

Ghost & Goblins Needle Minder
#NM-GAG Ghost & Goblins Needle Minder

Great little sewing aid...keeps your needles safe!  From Kelmscott Designs.

Black Sampler Bird Needle Threader
#JAB-TH1056 Black Sampler Bird Needle Threader

Sweet hand-crafted needle threader...perfect gift for your stitching friends!  By JAB Co.

Woven Scissors
#KD-WS Woven Scissors

NEW from Kelmscott!  These petite little scissors measure just 3 1/2" long.  A pretty etched woven designs adds lovely detailing to these.

Antique Reproduction Bench
#WB242 Antique Reproduction Bench

The pine bench that is the perfect fit for the Proverbs 31:13 punch needle design!  Bench has been sanded, edges rounded and ready for painting! 

Sorry, item is temporarily out of stock
Embroidery Pocket Guide
#56019 Embroidery Pocket Guide

A wonderful stitching guide!  A laminated fold-out embroidery stitch pocket guide, featuring diagrams/instructions for stitching 50 plus embroidery stitches.

Seaton Scissors
#KD-SS Seaton Scissors

2 1/2" long gold plated needle works scissors. 

Little Gems - Black Shiny
#KD-LGBS Little Gems - Black Shiny

Just shy of 2" are these sweet silver scissors with black handles. 

Lace Scissors
#KD-LS Lace Scissors

2 3/4" long silver silvers. Aren't these the prettiest little scissors you ever did see?   Perfect for small needlework...they have a nice heavy feel to them.

Baa Needle Minder
#KD-B Baa Needle Minder

Let this sweet little sheep, under a night time sky,  keep watch over your more lost needles!  These little needle minders make great little gifts for that special stitching friend of yours!

Primitive Storklette Scissors
#KD-S Primitive Storklette Scissors

Wow, are these just 2 1/2" long!  The scissors are finished in a primitive black matte finish & the screw that holds the scissors together is it's eye.  Did you know a baby stork is called a storklette?  Perfect name for these teeny little scissors that really do work! 

Blackbird Needle Minder
#NM-BB Blackbird Needle Minder

Keep your needle safe from getting lost with this wonderful little needle minder.  Simply put the minder between fabric, rest your needle on the minder for safe keepings.

Buzz Needle Minder
#NM-B Buzz Needle Minder

Keep your needle safe with this sweet little needle minder!  No more lost needles with this little sewing aid.

Saltbox Hill Needle Minder
#NM-SH Saltbox Hill Needle Minder

Great little sewing aid...keeps your needles from getting lost!  Great little gift for your sewing friend.

Elizabeth Scissors
#KD-ES Elizabeth Scissors

At just 2 1/2" long, these petite little scissors with their gold floral handles are perfect for your sewing pockets and rolls.


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